– David Cameron’s Referendum allowed many very disgruntled people to vote to leave The EU. They had lost their jobs, and Laws not voted in had helped this loss to happen. Also the EU made loans to smaller European countries that they could not repay; and so this lack of demecracy set the scene set for Brexit.
Now,thick in Brexit discusssions, these matters and many more vital ones like employment in the UK, are not even discussed, Is parliaments main job in Brexit not to make things right for the people of the UK in the future?
Parliament now at last seems to follows the wishes of the people?? Yet are they working to to provide contracts helpful for the UK’s needs or are they mainly interested to keep the single market open with the EU’s wishes in mind. The WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION can provide 90% more trade than we have in the single market, so free of EU restrictions, we can certainly set up all the trade we need.
It is time now to look to the needs of the UK people. LINK CC suggests using benefits money as wages for the many unemployed so they can work with the many small companies and gain new skills The small companies will be asked to share their skills and education and receive free help without having to pay wages they cannot afford. Lots of training/apprenticeships can be provided this way – Such a simple and efficient idea, and completely stopping the money wasted on the benefits trap. Can our ‘wise’ Parliament not see the good sense in this suggestion.

The above piece ‘David Camerons Referendum’ shows many peoples thoughts on the countries present progress. LINK CC uses U tube for our Media Works program and presents a series of comments on the present Brexit Negotiations. We invite you to join us and help put these together. Visit our site www.bizbodysoul.org for more info — Or ring 07802 741346, 07874 307890

Our latest presentation ‘IS BREXIT VIABLE’, put this in in your U-Tube SEARCH BOX TO SEE THE FULL VERSION (apologies for poor sound) Here we answer many questions left unanswered by the recent negotiations and the future of the UK in Post Brexit Times.


If we are not careful the whole brexit Discussions will be wasted — we will find ourselves with many of our people back unemployed as they are now – the whole Referendum discussion will have been hijacked by Westminster and the Oxford /Camebridge Cronies with their parliamentary games and their apparent lack of care for the real people of this country. Join us now in our LINK CC group as we stand for the WILL OF THEPEOPLE, for this is still rarely mentioned in the discussions.

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