Good Morning, Good Afternoon,  Good Evening!  Whatever the time, Welcome!   .  Here are suggestions for our Brexit Times and how we could use these .     In  our last you tube presentation  we talked about making full benefits  available for everyone and why this would bring much of the country back to life.
We talked on the major problem for many receiving full time benefits; Many found the only viable way they could feed themselves and their families was  to stay on full time benefits for, if they took a job they were much worse off financially.  So it was almost impossible to pick up experience from working, and impossible to set up their own work. The Benefits system needed a full overall so it was helping and not hindering the countries recovery.

Therefore we suggested  full benefits being paid to those who wanted to work, with sensible working hours allowed to fit in with whatever work was available.  Any monitoring  necessary, would be done in a fair and sensitive way.

Those, who for various reasons could not  take available work, would still receive benefits but would face justifiable cuts in their benefits. So this scheme would establish an advantage for those who took work and help would be shown to those who had perhaps lost interest in working and needed help to get out of this problem.
Now you may ask, where will all the required work come from. Solutions to this are  for example, Shops starting in Business, Garages, Schools as Teaching assistants and many, many, more possibilities exist;

This Scheme could  be administered under a new  Benefits in Work Department;  It will be checked to see people are gaining in education and experience. All that is necessary is a change of name and enthusiasm to set up this Benefits in Work Scheme.

People who struggle on their own to keep their businesses afloat will be invited to join and take advantage of this new Scheme and will not have to pay for assistance from those taking part in the Scheme.  Though they will be asked to take part and monitor time keeping and interest  shown by their assistants. But in no way will this responsibility be allowed to weigh on Assisting Businesses and their ‘joining in’ will definitely be to their advantage, with practical help given from the Benefits in Work Scheme. It will be like Mini Apprenticeships helping both Young people needing experience and Older people who have their own businesses and share their Skills.

    Of course schemes have been tried before but often with onerous rules and limitations for those taking part and difficulties also for those trying to apply the rules.  Here we  envisage a different approach where those taking part can see positive results and receive some money reward for the effort they put in. All Ages will be able to take  part and the freedom from restrictions will remove the gloom for many who are now caught in the Benefits trap.

This will require a sea change in thinking for  many of those in the ‘political elite’ of Westminster . They need to be persuaded that these suggested, ‘better way’ democratic changes, are the way forward this country vitally needs for success in our new Brexit Times.   A new Freedom from restrictions and trust in people not yet given by those who control our country will have to be established.

***Good results will be seen as the BiW scheme moves on,and so much money, now wasted on poorly focused benefits will help people and the UK forward.

***  The Benefits in Works Scheme  will  also fit  well with Theresa May’s idea of  making decisions to help ALL people in the country and bring the forgotten areas of the UK back to life again.

***Now, our new Hung Parliament, will be to our advantage ,as  we see  Mrs May and Mr Corben  working  together in a full coalition, question mark,  and forgetting  the old tired and unproductive Partisan approach.

***Mr Corben, now with a considerable mandate of support,  recently spoke of the wonders of Democracy:  and indeed a full democratic coalition reaching into all areas of government would be a wonderful thing.

It is by no means impossible if all parliament members put aside their own  agendas and work  together for  a common manifesto for the good of the UK and Europe.

Let us Hope and Pray that this ‘Better Way Democracy’, we  suggest may come about . Otherwise our Brexit times will only be a limited success!       Thanks for listening and don’t forget to add your comments below.   


From now there will be two opening times in the last week of the month, on Tuesday a  ‘mini forum’ and writing times. This will be from 14.00 to 17.00. Then at 18.30 on Thursday we will open up until  21.30. As many as may arrive will be welcome but try to ring if you intend to come.   After each meeting, there will be a time to relax, talk over further matters and something to eat and drink. Please help by bringing along your favourites.

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